Pad Thai – Tom Yum Kung – Tom Kha Kai – Green Curry – Thai Papaya Salad – Hoary Basil Stir-fried with minced meat (chicken, beef, pork) – Green curry with meat (chicken, beef, pork), Mussaman curry with chicken, and Sweet sticky rice with mango.

I introduced popular Thai dishes to travelers who are looking for a good class to learn how to prepare, cook and use woks with Thai cooking utensils.  Thai food is one of the most popular exotic foods among foreigners, it is rare to find a school in their homeland to learn how to make some Thai dishes but here in Bangkok

Just simple dishes for us but could be complicated work for you to begin with.  Why not let us instruct you on how to do it?   A neatly & tidy kitchen with fully-equipped wares is a hands-on room for you.  We offer a couple of dishes that you can simply make by following an instruction from the professional Thai cook on site.  You are experiencing and have fun in the kitchen until the drill comes to an end then it is the time to relax and be pleased with your own output.

Ingredients of the food are based on the dishes you chose which are already prepared for you. Please select 2 dishes out of the lists you require to learn.

A 4 hours tour can be started either in the morning or in the afternoon before and after the cooking class.  We offer an exploration at a huge fresh market for the morning class, this market has a lot of variety of raw food materials where shoppers can never say “I can buy nothing in this market”.  There are more than 20 zones of the different categories of food that ease shoppers how to find them.  If you take an afternoon class, we then will offer the street food for walking along, and perhaps you may want to try something different from your class.

The space of the kitchen is a compact room, therefore it couldn’t accommodate more than 4 people.

Price: US$220 (1), US$300 (2 people), US$330 (3), and US$400 (4)                                                                                 Price is included transport, ingredients, and culinary instructor.


Starting time at 10 am / at 3 pm

Your guide will meet you in the lobby of your hotel and then escort you to a nice private home located in one of the districts in Bangkok, visit the property around the house ornamented with beautiful plants, kitchen garden vegetation, and a cozy corner by the pond for relaxing after class.

As aforesaid you will be taken to a market for checking out all kinds of foodstuff they have and the ingredients you will use for cooking if you book the morning class.   A none touristic street food is recommended for you to taste food like a local if you choose the afternoon class.  At the conclusion of the tour, your guide will escort you back to your hotel.